Tuesday, March 21, 2017

FuseSoC 1.6.1

This is just a quick one. I was asked by fellow FOSSi Foundation founder and OpTiMSoC creator and lead architect Stefan Wallentowitz to do a point release. OpTiMSoC is currently shipping a forked version of FuseSoC, and while doing some spring cleaning they wanted to see if the upstream version could be used instead. As there has recently been some problems with the FuseSoC dependencies, originally caused by python's sorry excuse for a package manager called pip, this was also a good time to put out a new version. So here it is. Not much changed on the surface, but there has been some refactoring and preparation that is needed for the upcoming CAPI2 core format, which eventually will supersede the current format for .core files. If you have any thoughts about what the new format should look like, please check out the current CAPI2 draft, and yell if something needs to change. Other than that, the most noteworthy addition is that FuseSoC now comes with unit tests. Not sure I like them though. The first thing that happened is that they pointed out a bunch of bugs that I didn't know about. Oh well. I'll get those fixed eventually. That's all. Have fun with the new release!

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